Becarre natural
60% Mangiferin
Mangifera indica
Nektium [ZYNAM]
Solubility : Very High in Water (> 90 %)

PLANT DECREE (indicative) : Mangifera indica L. [Family : Anacardiaceae] . Vernacular : Mango tree . Part : Fruit
BELFRIT (indicative) : Mangifera indica L. [Family : Mangifera indica L.] . Traditional use : whole plant . Concern : Present in min. 1 countrie(s)
Those information are indicative. They are extracted from available database - not all officialy published - and their exact status need to be checked at your own responsability

Zynamite is the new product from Nektium , with proven efficacy on mental alertness and performance, as well as for sport, without jitters, nervousness, agitation usually linked to caffeine (2 mg to replace 1mg)
Imagine with Zynamite®. a healthy way to replace caffeine with a botanical ingredient without the side-effects of caffeine and actually works better than caffeine.
Nektium's latest innovation Zynamite®. offers you a unique and healthy way to reduce or replace caffeine content while retaining the experiential effect. Zynamite®. is the Nektium's patent-pending proprietary Mangifera indica extract, launched at vitafoods Europe 2018.
The effect of Zynamite®. as caffeine-replacement was tested in-vivo (32 participants, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled, 2-armed study) and it showed that Zynamite®. improved the scores compared to placebo, without the negative side effects of caffeine. The effect on performance was also tested in two sports formulations, checking in-vivo parameters in 30 young physically active athletes
- Products with mental activating effect
- Sports products, powders and gels
- Easy to use and formulate
- Natural and approved in Europe
- Increase alertness and boost physical energy, without the undesirable side-effects

Tonic, Energy, Vitality, Sport Nutrition, Weight Management, Memory / Brain Support, Antioxidant