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Alpinia galanga
4% Polyphenols, 30% Glycosides
Kaempferia galanga root extract
Memory, Brain, Cognition, Nootrope
Sport Nutrition
Stress, Sleep, Anxiety, Depression
Tonic-Energy, Vitality

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enXtra® - energy and focus - Clinically proven to improve energy, alertness and focus up to 5 hours with and without caffeine

enXtra® is extracted from the rhizomes of Alpinia galanga – the food spice - selected and cultivated on a hilly terrain away from industrial pollution, cultivated without pesticides, authenticated by DNA, natural drying on high altitude, stony land near farm, for responsible sourcing. enXtra® is obtained by gentle, solvent-free extraction to have an optimal concentration of bioactives..enXtra® is associated with several clinical trials in humans:
  • A double-blind study versus placebo, on 59 participants, showed that enXtra® can partially or completely replace caffeine by providing a boost of energy (including mental), and increase the benefits of caffeine while reducing its side effects (suppression of the caffeine crash).
  • In another double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial in 53 people, enXtra® improved alertness and mental acuity for up to 5 hours, without increasing heart rate or blood pressure.
- Increase in vigilance by more than 100% from 1 hour and even after 5 hours.- Lower error rate than placebo and even caffeine (-36% at 1 hour and -17.4% at 5 hours, versus + 0% and + 27% for placebo, and -12% and + 6% for caffeine)
  • A molecular study has also shown that enXtra® allows the regulation of dopamine concentration and inhibition of the AchE protein, revealing its strong potential as a nootropic agent.
The study, published in July 2020 (re) demonstrating the long-term benefits of safety and efficacy on mental acuity of enXtra® proves that:.- The effects of enxtra® remain consistent and do not peak over long-term use.- enXtra® reduces the feeling of nervousness due to caffeine and prevents the caffeine "crash".- enXtra® does not exhibit any habit-forming tendencies increases calmness, reduces nervousness and anxiety and increases alertness, which makes it especially ideal for sportspersons and athletes.Recommended dose (clinical studies): 300 mg / day.Ideal for students, e-gaming, athletes, etc ... anyone who needs a boost of energy and to stay focused..Completely soluble in water with a mild taste and a beautiful tea color, enXtra® is an ideal functional ingredient for energy drinks (with or without caffeine) and for many other forms (ready-to-drink drinks of all types, formulas sports nutrition and e-gaming, energy bars, snacks, gel candies, fruit juices, chewing gum ....enXtra® won the nutraingredients award on 2019 in Geneva and Singapour, and won the Nutra Ingredients USA award as “Ingredient of the year – Cognitive Function” in 2021..On december 2021, OmniActive announced that it has entered an agreement with ENovate Biolife to acquire global perpetual rights for sales, marketing, distribution, and manufacturing of the blockbuster ingredient enXtra. Since then, Omniactives has worked on the solubility of enXtra®, on more detailed description sheets, as well as on additional studies..A new study (published in May 2023) reconfirmed its efficacy, from 30 minutes and for at least 5 hours.

Alpinia galanga - Galangal, from the ginger family (greater galangal, and blue ginger)

Alpinia officinarum – Lesser small galangal - and Alpinia galanga - galangal (greater)- belong to the Zingiberaceae family, are cousins of ginger (Zingiber officinale). The genus Alpinia has around 200 species of persistent rhizomatous perennials, native to the edges of light woods of the humid tropics of India, South-East Asia, and Australia.
Lesser small galangal, as well as galangal (greater), have been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries, for their digestive, stimulating, tonic virtues, and their aphrodisiac power.


enXtra® is the botanical ingredient by Omniactive proven to provide same day effect and improve alertness, energy and focus upto 5 hours with and without caffeine.


Sport Nutrition with enXtra

enXtra® from Alpinia galanga is a DNA-authenticated energy ingredient that provides fast , effective and safe energy with no crash

enXtra® is the only DNA authenticated galangal extract that delivers fast , effective and safe results for improving mental acuity

enXtra® does not increase heart rate or blood pressure and is safe & effective for 5 hours without the caffeine 'crash'

enXtra® is water soluble and can be formulated with or without caffeine

enXtra®'s effects remain consistent and do not plateau on long-term usage

enXtra® reduces the jittery feeling due to caffeine and impedes the caffeine 'crash'

enXtra® does not exhibit any habit forming tendencies

enXtra® increases calmness, reduces jitters and anxiety, and increases alertness, making it especially ideal for sportspersons and athletes


Clinical studies published, using 300mg of enXtra®, and Molecular Docking Studies (Dopamine and AchE)

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